HikkerTrack is a digital mile-marker for through hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Through hikers usually walk about 20 miles a day, and they rely on guides to tell them where they can find food, water, and places to sleep. Most hikers use landmarks like road crossings, streams, and power lines. My goal is to give hikers a low-cost GPS-based estimate that doesn’t drain their phone’s battery. Hikers only get to recharge every 3-5 days, so it’s important to get the most out of your battery life. I’m processing map data in Python and QGIS and deploying the app in Android.


FoTo-Spottr is a social networking platform for toads. Just kidding! Really, it’s a system that uses coloring patterns as ‘fingerprints’ to recognize individual toads. This is useful for conducting population surveys. I did this work with David Green’s lab at McGill University. We used the software in the field. It’s at least as accurate as toe-clipping and it doesn’t harm the animals. In the future, I’d like to deploy this system on the cloud so that other labs can easily upload their pictures and start tagging animals.